The Tale of Zoya

Zoya, our beautiful muse, our face to the world, is a cherry picker from Ethiopia. She represents the journey from the roots of the process – where the coffee cherries are carefully picked off the trees on the plantation, to that moment you immerse yourself into that cup of delightful flavour. She doesn’t just represent the origins of our fine coffee, but also the people at every step of the process, from the farmers and pickers to the roasters and baristas in our cafés.

Zoya’s energy, similar to the meaning of her name ‘dawn’, would warm up the dark night and be out the farms at first light. She quietly picked each cherry, always as careful as she could. She believed that each cherry was important and that each cherry had the power of immense energy. Zoya believed that the fruit of the trees, and its magic, belonged to everyone so wanted to share this with the world. So here, at Roasting Warehouse, we are sharing her passion for the perfect cherry with you.

Our Story

At Roasting Warehouse Specialty Coffee our passion for serving fine coffee is glowingly shared with our loyal customer base. We oversee the entire process from inspecting the farming to production and roasting, leading to the final phase of retail and wholesale distribution.

Our beans are meticulously roasted in house to assure every potential flavour from the beans is extracted. This inspires our team to maintain a high level of satisfaction and distinction, whilst continually striving to grow our coffee, as a major part of the RW Brand.




Ethically Sourced

We ethically source our coffee; high quality bean selection.

Decades of Experience

At Roasting Warehouse, we are the coffee experts. Expert knowledge that only comes from experience.

Community Oriented

Our passion for serving high quality coffee is glowingly shared with our loyal community.

No. #1 Coffee Destination

Coffee destination to get the best coffee experience; we want to share our passion with the world.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We are a reliable and trustworthy coffee partner.

National Supply

We fiercely believe that responsibly-sourced, great coffee can be produced in volume for the ever-thirsty Australian public, without sacrificing the quality and care that comes from fresh and expertly roasted coffee.

Integrity & Honesty

We build relationships on trust, integrity, honesty and experience.

Quality Assurance

We are aware that change and growth must be constant. Thus, we are constantly looking for plans, strategies and solutions that allow us to keep growing.

Solar Powered

We use the power of sun as energy to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

Our green beans are ethically sourced from farmers around the world, allowing us to support the local economy of these plantations. 100% Ethically sourced coffee from around the world.

At Roasting Warehouse we pride ourselves on ethical coffee. It is important to our brand that we know where our coffee comes from. With the help of our amazing buyers, our team has had the opportunity to visit the farms on multiple occasions to add that personal touch to our coffee. This involves annual group tours to coffee plantations in Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil & Peru to explore first-hand the practices that drive coffee farmers, to cultivate high-grade beans. Furthermore, our sophisticated networks within these regions, enhances our team’s ability to learn more and harness this, towards introducing greater coffee products. Direct Trade coffee allows us to assure that the farmers are being treated fairly.