Our Story

With many years of hospitality experience, we understand our industry’s needs. As a family business spanning three generations, we have dared to dream big. Those dreams have allowed us to grow from a boutique micro-roastery in North Melbourne to a state-of-the-art roasting facility in Airport West.

We have built valued relationships within our local and wholesale communities, and our customers are paramount in everything we do. Our vision is to inspire and share our passion and knowledge. At Roasting Warehouse, we are well-versed in all things coffee. Together we can assist you in realising your full potential and dream big too.

At Roasting Warehouse, coffee runs through our DNA. We believe everyone should enjoy a great coffee. Our mission is to ensure every note of every bean is extracted to perfection. Each blend is carefully crafted to produce a unique profile. Whether it’s our rich Evolve or smooth Early Bird, at Roasting Warehouse, great coffee awaits you.

We can control our coffee beans’ journey from harvest to extraction. Our specialised team is present every step of the way, from travelling to the origin and working directly with farmers to in-house roasting, packing and brewing.

What makes us unique?

Ethically Sourced

We ethically source our coffee; high quality bean selection.

Decades of Experience

At Roasting Warehouse, we are the coffee experts. Expert knowledge that only comes from experience.

Community Oriented

Our passion for serving high quality coffee is glowingly shared with our loyal community.

No. #1 Coffee Destination

Coffee destination to get the best coffee experience; we want to share our passion with the world.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We are a reliable and trustworthy coffee partner.

National Supply

We fiercely believe that responsibly-sourced, great coffee can be produced in volume for the ever-thirsty Australian public, without sacrificing the quality and care that comes from fresh and expertly roasted coffee.

Integrity & Honesty

We build relationships on trust, integrity, honesty and experience.

Quality Assurance

We are aware that change and growth must be constant. Thus, we are constantly looking for plans, strategies and solutions that allow us to keep growing.

Solar Powered

We use the power of sun as energy to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

The Tale of Zoya

Zoya, our beautiful muse, our face to the world, is a cherry picker from Ethiopia. She represents the journey from the roots of the process – where the coffee cherries are carefully picked off the trees on the plantation, to that moment you immerse yourself into that cup of delightful flavour. She doesn’t just represent the origins of our fine coffee, but also the people at every step of the process, from the farmers and pickers to the roasters and baristas in our cafés.

Zoya’s energy, similar to the meaning of her name ‘dawn’, would warm up the dark night and be out the farms at first light. She quietly picked each cherry, always as careful as she could. She believed that each cherry was important and that each cherry had the power of immense energy. Zoya believed that the fruit of the trees, and its magic, belonged to everyone so wanted to share this with the world. So here, at Roasting Warehouse, we are sharing her passion for the perfect cherry with you.


The journey of our beans:
from the farm to your cup

At Roasting Warehouse, we’re in the business of great, consistent coffee – which is only achieved through freshness.

Chasing the perfect bean – the freshest bean:

The idea of perfection in coffee lies within freshness. A fresh bean is multi-dimensional in flavour. Coffee beans never expire. However, as they age, their flavour profiles change. You begin to lose the notes of berries, chocolate or caramel that dance on your tongue. These flavours are often transformed into the sharp, bitter flavours of caffeine that most people have become accustomed to. That’s why we prefer the freshest beans possible. Our coffee is grown, harvested, shipped, roasted, delivered, brewed and served within eight months. This not only helps us harness the subtle flavours of each bean varietal but also maintains the consistency in flavour. We source our beans from the entire coffee map to guarantee the freshest beans are delivered to our door to be roasted and brewed for your enjoyment.

From the farm to the warehouse:

We partner with world leaders in coffee procurement who ensure that we receive the freshest beans available worldwide. Together, we run a mammoth operation, sourcing the perfect beans from the entire coffee map.


Fresh beans, perfect coffee:

At Roasting Warehouse, we don’t distinguish our beans by region. Instead, we source beans worldwide and purchase based on the flavour profile the beans are able to bring to the table. We buy a diverse variety of Arabica beans, and each bean is treated as a unique ingredient in our coffee blends. This guarantees our blends and profiles remain consistent throughout the year – even when certain regions stop producing fresh fruit. Our talented team then roasts our beans and packages and delivers them weekly to stockists for your consumption.